A New Era of Security

To address upcoming trends and mandates for staff safety and indoor tracking, Aktiv-Trak was developed; a real-time 2-way Wi-Fi-based communications safety system. AktivTrak allows staff to send an alert thru a pendant-like panic button and in-turn allows management to dispatch help based on the location of the alert.


Send and receive text messages or alerts. Communicate in real-time and confirm that messages have reached their destination.


Stay organized with AktivTrak management feature. Change shifts, configure teams, and assign devices


Enables monitoring personnel to track the location of staff and equipment on an interactive map. 



AktivTrak relies on the latest of technologies to track and support the safety of staff.

AktivTrak Overview

AktivTrak is a real-time 2-way wireless communications solution to track, monitor, and communicate with staff and equipment in a number of industries.


What We Offer

AktivTrak sets new standards in safety and productivity solutions. System components are standards-based, easy to install, configure, and maintain.AktivTrak acts as a communication platform that keeps management reliably in touch with staff. AktivTrak is a powerful tool that can augment other safety programs.


AktivTrak lets management send and receive information in real-time so that management can make decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge


AktivTrak can be used in a number of industries. Its expandable design makes it easy to apply to a growing operations.


AktivTrak offers superior wireless network technology, and an extensive data repository transaction system. Redundancy helps increase the safety of the system in case of failures


Our Approach to Security

AktivTrak utilizes industry-standards, off-the-shelf 802.11-based access points to establish a wireless data network that functions as the nervous system linking an operation control center, staff, and equipment. 


which are carried by staff or attached to equipment, broadcast their secure location information and other messages as they roam between various corridor and levels of a hotel. This information is intercepted by the Wi-Fi network and relayed back to a central dispatch office/operations control center


where it’s displayed on a monitoring and viewing station configured with WiMundo’s AktivTrak-View [an idea for a component name] enterprise software.

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